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Cleansing Co-Wash

Cleansing Co-Wash

What’s a co-wash?

A hybrid between cleanser and conditioner, our creme based co-wash uses the mildest, non-foaming cleansing ingredients, and amazing natural oils which together remove build-up and moisturise the hair.

Why co-wash?

Some curls find regular shampooing too drying. Curly hair that is thirsty for moisture will love this product. Gentle and moisturising enough for daily use this co-wash is the perfect cleansing solution for frizz prone curls, anyone following a "no shampoo" routine or the Curly Girl Method, or those that want to wash their hair more regularly.

Why your curls will love it:

- It’s super hydrating

- The kind-on-curls, creamy formula gently removes build-up whilst hydrating the hair

- A special blend of Avocado, Marula, Coconut and Castor Oils naturally moisturise hair and scalp.

- Leaves curls frizz-free, silky and shiny.

- Suitable for frequent use, especially on dry, frizz-prone curls. It leaves hair healthy and hydrated and is perfect for creating 'wash day curls' on a regular basis.

- Fresh citrus and coconut fragrance - it smells delicious!

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