5 day intense detox

Designed for maximum effectiveness in conjunction with our 5 Day Shred Plan, this is the must have product for any nutrition journey.

Get a clean slate with this 5 day ready to drink plant based powerhouse. Clenz uses plant based nutrients to reboot your digestion. It is a 5 day tune up that’s high in friendly fiber and rich in nutrition boosting plants! Find your rebalance and feel cleaner, a little lighter, and totally back on track.

It’s important to be good to your insides. Your digestive system can be worn down by stress, anxiety, overindulgence, processed foods, and even general, day-to-day activities.

Using Clenz routinely, is the perfect way to maintain a healthy digestive balance and find a fresh start. Add to your healthy body routine and program to kickstart your journey.

Key Ingredients that feature are :

Moringa, Nettle, Dandelion, Peppermint, Fenugreek, Psyllium, Prune, Ginger, Pineapple

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