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Glowwa Hair Food 3 Months Supply

Glowwa Hair Food 3 Months Supply

HAIR FOOD vitamins provide daily nutritional support for longer, healthier hair growth, improved condition and shine.  

Containing a natural blend of hair specific ingredients which include Biotin, B12, Zinc, L-Lysine, MSM, Niacin, B5, B6, Vitamin C and Coconut Water for the ultimate at home healthy hair treatment.  

After consistent, regular use our customers have reported many of the following benefits:

 ✓ Healthy Hair Growth ✓ Reduced Shedding ✓ Improved Condition ✓ Thicker, Fuller Hair ✓ Healthy, Glowing Skin ✓ Stronger Nails ✓ Wellbeing benefits

* Results can often be noticed in as little as 12 weeks. HAIR FOOD can be taken all year round to maintain results.

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