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Hydra Repair Anti-Aging Filler Shampoo

Hydra Repair Anti-Aging Filler Shampoo

Regenerated hair from the moment it is washed with Hydra Repair Anti-Aging Filler shampoo.

It gently cleanses while repairing and moisturizing thanks to the innovative formula based on Infinity-Complex, an intensive capillary renewal system with an anti-aging filling action.

It gives strength inside and out, wash after wash, taking advantage of its filler effect.



  • Hydra Repair repairing shampoo

    Hydra Repair repairing shampoo with moisturizing, anti-aging and filler action

    Take care of your hair inside and out with luxurious ingredients from the Italian countryside and the most sophisticated patent for the reconstruction of damaged keratin fibers. Today you can do it in every step with Hydra Repair products, starting from the moment of cleansing by applying the special shampoo from the professional line by Carlo Oliveri.

    Hydra Repair Anti-Aging Filler Shampoo moisturizes, nourishes and repairs with an internal and external action, with extraordinary results on brittle, damaged, frizzy, dull hair.

    Effectiveness is guaranteed by Infinity-Complex, the intensive capillary renewal system created by Carlo Oliveri with a mineralizing and anti-aging action that revitalizes the hair wash after wash, guaranteeing body, softness, strength, brightness and maximum hydration.

    The shampoo of the Hydra Repair professional line helps to counteract the formation of split ends and color fading and, with each application, effectively repairs damaged hair as a result of chemical, thermal, mechanical and environmental services. In addition, its anti-aging action is accompanied by the filling effect that makes the hair not only stronger and more resistant, but also silky, healthy and shiny for longer.

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