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Hydra Repair Anti-Aging Hair Filler Leave-In

Hydra Repair Anti-Aging Hair Filler Leave-In

Detangling leave-in made with the innovative formula based on Infinity-Complex, an intensive capillary renewal system with an anti-aging filling action capable of cleansing, repairing and moisturizing the hair. It makes hair easy to comb and eliminates frizz for up to 72 hours. Suitable for all hair types.

  • Hydra Repair Repairing Leave-In

    Moisturizing, anti-aging and filler Hydra Repair

    Moisturizing, reconstructing, filling and detangling at the same time is finally possible thanks to the Anti-Aging Hair Filler Leave-In by Hydra Repair by Carlo Oliveri. It consists of a highly professional and high-performance product made with a super concentrated formulation based on the intensive Infinity-Complex capillary renewal system which, by mineralizing the hair by working on both the internal and external structure of the hair, releases an extraordinary filling action giving you soft, full-bodied, strong, shiny and deeply hydrated hair.

    Application after application, the regenerative action becomes more and more evident: damage caused by chemical, mechanical, thermal and environmental services is repaired in the long term and, at the same time, split ends are reduced and color fading is slowed down.

    But that's not all: thanks to its effective filler effect, leave-in fills and counteracts the signs of aging, making the hair stronger, more resistant, brighter, healthier and silkier.

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