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Believe in what your hair can be with Kerasilk.

Powered by Silk+ Technology for your best hair yet.

Kerasilk Keratin

This long lasting expert service transforms unmanageable, curly, wavy or frizzy hair into the most luxurious, smooth version if itself for up to 5 months!

CONTROL SERVICE: A powerful yet gentle shape transformation to luxurious smooth hair- the perfect base for unruly hair.


Natural looking smoother hair with improved manageability and movement. The perfect base for surface frizz refinement.

Service available in salon from £140.


kerasilk products

All Kerasilk products are infused with Kerasilk silk+ technology.

It combines Kerasilk's exclusive Biometric silk and carefully selected high potency ingredients & enhancers to create hair as strong as it is beautiful.

Biometeric silk is a vegan and sustainable alternative to traditional animal - derived silk. Biometeric silk is a biotechnologically obtained hydrolysed protein based on a special combination of versatile amino acids that mimics the composition and benefits of the origional silk.

Why is it so good?

As hair naturally looses amino acids through the natural actions of washing, combing, sleeping and environmental stresses such as UV rays and pollution, it becomes brittle, dull and lifeless. Kerasilk formulas infused with Biometeric silk create hair as strong as it is beautiful by replenishing the lost amino acids inside and out of the hair. With every use new biometeric silk is added to the hair, helping it to continuously improve the strands structure on the journey towards stronger and more beautiful hair.

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